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Hi, from Kimberly Kupps 


As of Oct 20, 2010

I know finally an update to my news page Sorry.

thanks for all the support over the years I know some of you heard the "rumors" of me and cancer well it is true

I had my left breast with a small lump thank GOD

I got it early to have only a lumpectomy and a small scar I have to go back again in Nov and Dec to Moffitt Cancer Hospital in Tampa to see a great doctor and hospital who did extra ordinary work keeping me healthy..

I am going to redo my site in total with new HD clips and for new people I will have a section of my old stuff still around I am Still doing custom videos and now going to start my own production company doing requests of me and other girls and guysI will be updating all the time

and my email address is still or they are the same..

Thanks again and keep looking for more new stuff and email for ideas for me to doin video's

Xoxoxoxoxo, Kimberly Kupps


Hi! I'm still busy finishing my home, and haven't kept the news up to date. Here's a new set, and will be back with more in a few weeks.

Happy Easter!

Love and Kisses,



Happy Holidays!

I'm looking forward to Christmas up in picturesque New England with my relatives! Hope to have a white Christmas!

I've been having a very busy year building a custom home in Northern California. It's been very exciting and hope to finish this year.

I'm spending my winter's still in warm sunny Florida. Luckily, I haven't been there in the summer since my home was a direct hit with three hurricanes this past summer. I had to fly back and check on homes in Central Florida and found some damage but I feel so fortunate that everything was alright.

I've been having fun in between my traveling. I had a fantasy come true that I had mentioned in my last newsletter. Utah Sweet, Misty Knights and I made a sizzling hot video! They arrived at my house looking as sexy as ever in short shorts and tight T-shirts. Both of them were wrestling for my attentions in the video and we all ended up together in a threesome!

I'll have photos and video available on my site. We all ended up in a hot tub after a beautiful experience together!

Look forward to some more videos and photos with some actors and friends! I'll be making more custom videos and I'm still traveling so I'll keep you informed of my schedule. Check out and see me performing live and I'll talk to you personally. You can email me for scheduling.

Also, I'm making personal videos just for you!

Have a wonderful holiday season with family and friends! Hope all your dreams cum true!

Love and Kisses,



Hi, sorry for the long delay, I've had to work out some personal family matters, that now seem much more resolved. Sorry I had to cancel Market St. in December so abruptly.

I'm in Florida, feeling as hot as ever, with a very sexy tan line. One of my favorite things is to rub my whole body with oil, and bathe in the warm Florida sunshine. I rub the oil in my most intimate areas, daydream about the business and my fans, and find myself cumming...ooooooh.

I've invited two sexy blondes to come by and take pictures and video for you soon. We've known each other for a while, and are excited about being together for a hot time.

I'm going up north soon to visit family and then later fulfill some fantasies. I'm meeting a girlfriend and we're planning a big surprise party. She's inviting three bachelors and we plan to make our own reality show!

I'm going to be doing more live streaming soon, so if you want to see me there, check in often. I love dressing up in sexy outfits, talking to my fans, and acting out your fantasies.

I'm going to head out West soon, and hope to be appearing in San Francisco before too long.

Love and kisses, Kimberly.


Hi, I'm back in San Francisco, just about to start at Market Street Cinema.

I hope you like the latest galleries. They feature me with Cumisha Amado. I always have fun with her, and I think it shows in the pictures. We also got a chance to catch up, cooking together and walking my dogs.

I've created 6 new DVDs from the most popular of my own videos, and I'll be putting them on the site soon.

I'm looking forward to seeing my fans at Market Street for some great shows.

Bye for now.


Hi from San Francisco. I updated the site last week with a set of photos from Las Vegas last year. It includes some scenes in a hotel suite I stayed in, and some from the pool party at the Fan Fair at the Mandalay Bay. I also put up some shots of a party with some of my big boob girlfriends. including Minka, Kayla Kleevage, Kandi Cox, Europe DiChan, Lacey Legends, and Maxi Mounds. My agent Eleanor was also there. In the store, I added a new video that I made with Tanya Danielle.

It's a trying time given current events, but the streets of San Francisco have been peaceful, and I've really enjoyed seeing my fans.


Hi there. I updated the site last week with a set of hardcore shots from Fort Myers, Florida. I hope you like them. I've also added some feature films to the store, including one in DVD format.


Hello again. I've been very busy since the last update, moving into my new California house and taking care of the hundred and one things you need to do.

I had a great time in December at Market Street Cinema. I want to thank all the fans who came to see me. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. I always enjoy seeing fans, especially those who take the time to talk with me, pose with me for sexy polaroids, experience shows with me, and exchange fantasies.

I wanted to visit my family around the holidays, so I tried to occupy the new house as soon as I could. It was ready in late December, and if you can believe it, I moved in on Christmas Eve. I didn't get a tree before, but went to a home store in the area the day of the move, and got one for free.

Christmas Day, I planned on having some friends over to the new house for Christmas dinner, but in all the excitement, I didn't shop the day before. We could only find one grocery open that day, and went there to get the ingredients. The store wasn't in the best area, and that should have warned us. We were making a green bean casserole with some frozen green beans that we had to throw away due to some very peculiar smells. But it worked out, and we enjoyed the meal.

Since the move, I had a visit from two hot girlfriends. We had an early dinner and went to a local bar. One of the girls started touching my legs lightly, and said I had such soft skin. She said I would look like Bo Derek with the right hairdo, so we went back to the house. They led me up to the master bathroom, and I was waiting for them to do my hair, but they had something else in mind. They took me into the shower. It has a sitting area and multiple jets of water. They caressed me with their hands and tongues, while the jets played on our naked bodies. I had my head back in ecstasy, while they tongued me in every possible way. Then it was my turn to pleasure them. It was a beautiful experience. The only thing we missed was having a hard cock to play with!

I'm planning on taking some hot pictures for the site in the new house soon, and so you'll get a chance to see it.

I'll be adding new videos and DVDs for sale on the site, so check the store soon. This includes some feature videos I haven't sold before, as well as some I've made myself.

I'm going to be at Market Street again March 26 through April 1st, and am looking forward to seeing you there!

Love and kisses,

Kimberly xoxoxoxo

Nov 10, 2002


A lot has happened since the last news update.

I've been spending time in Northern California and Las Vegas, starting out with a week at Market Street Cinema in late July. It was great feature dancing again for the first time since 9/11.

I had a hot session in August in Vegas with Kandi Cox, as you can see in the gallery I put up recently. Big boob fans will really like this gallery. We both enjoy what we do, and I think that comes across in the pictures. We didn't take any time at all to "get into" the shoot. I'm going to be rotating MPEG video clips taken at the same shoot, so keep checking the galleries.

The same week I had more fun in a shoot with Tanya Danielle. I think you'll agree she has a great look, and we look great together! Tanya came to Vegas for another shoot, and we took advantage of that. This went so well that we shot a video a few weeks later. It's about two sisters who don't get along and decide to settle things with a sexy dual. I'll be putting this on sale on the site soon.

I always love visiting Las Vegas, and this trip was no exception. The warm nights were perfect for walking along the strip in a tight top and short shorts. Vegas is the place I like to show off my most revealing outfits. Some of my favorite things during the trip include the singing fountains at Bellagio, seeing the group Air Supply, and Robin Williams in concert.

Another fun event was the Fanfest at Mandalay Bay. I got together for an afternoon with some of my big-boob girlfriends, including Kayla Kupcakes, Lacey Legends, Chelsea Charms, Crystal Storm, and Europe Dichan. The fans had fun too, posing for pictures with boobs left, right, and on top of their heads!

Minka invited me to dinner at her home. It was a nice relaxing evening. I enjoyed spending time with her and the other guests, including my agent Eleanor, Kayla Kleevage, Maxi Mounds, Europe, Lacey, and Kandi.

I've taken advantage of spending time in San Francisco to add some new feature outfits. They're really cute. A local shop called Dark Garden makes them for me, and you've got to come see me in them at Market Street Cinema in the City, December 4th to 10. (San Francisco)

I've changed the pay-per-view option on the site to go to the IFriends webcam service. You can use my appointment book to schedule time with me, or just use their email alert system to be notified when I'm doing live streaming.

I'm just purchasing a new house in California, which I'm very excited about. I'll be much closer to the adult industry here, and will be starting to make and release my own full-length DVDs. Look forward to some hot sessions with guys and girls.

Kimberly xoxoxoxo

Send comments and suggestions to me so I can add these to my website and video.  And Thanks for all your support.


Xoxoxoxoxo, Kimberly Kupps

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