Title: Tabatha Tower's Super Video
Rating: R
Price: $24.95
RunTime: 60 minutes
Release Date: January 1996
Producer: Xavier Productions
Director: Bob Paquette
Models: Tabatha Towers, Julie Juggs

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The legendary Tabatha Towers sports phenomenal 74FFF breasts and she displays them in all their glory in Tabatha's Super Video!! She'll begin by offering you a sample of her nightclub dance act and then she'll let those puppies breathe during a titty rubbing and sucking session with blonde bombshell Julie Juggs! Julie puts on quite a scorching solo performance herself when she steps outside in a pink lycra tank dress, and she then proceeds to slowly saturate herself with a bottle of baby oil, soon revealing all of her glorious goods through her skin soaked dress, all while she's describing to you how she teased her boyfriend on their last plane trip!! It's enough to make you explode right there!!